Canada Gairdner Winners to be Awarded October 24, 2013

The 2013 Canada Gairdner International Awards will be presented on Thursday, October 24 in Toronto.

The Canada Gairdner International Awards are honouring three areas of research.

Harvey J. Alter and Daniel W. Bradley will receive the award for their contributions to the discovery and isolation of the hepatitis C virus. For more on the discovery of hepatitis C, click here for the commentary of Dr. Gary Levy at the 2013 Announcement.

Stephen Joseph Elledge is being honoured for his work in DNA repair, and Sir Gregory Winter is honoured for creating synthetic human antibodies. For commentary on Dr. Elledge's discovery from the Announcement, click here.

Dr. King K. Holmes will receive the Canada Gairdner Global Health Award for his work on defining and treating HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The Canada Gairdner Wightman Award will be presented to Dr. James C. Hogg for his research and leadership in the field of Chronic Respiratory Diseases.

The presentation of the awards takes place at a black tie dinner for 540 guests held at the Royal Ontario Museum on Thursday, October 24.

Profiles and further details on those who are receiving the 2013 awards are available here.