John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award

John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award Banner

One awarded annually. Awarded for scientifically based research that has improved the health and well-being of those facing health inequities worldwide.

The John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award recognizes the world’s leading researchers who have used rational, scientifically based research to improve the wellbeing of those facing health inequalities worldwide. While a single significant scientific discovery would continue to be sufficient evidence to select a nominee, the Award will also recognize outstanding researchers who apply rational scientific approaches to successful implementation, evaluation and policy interventions.

Gairdner invites nominations from any field of research impacting global health and health inequity. The award is intended for research-focused candidates, not those primarily involved in administrative or advocacy roles. This award can be shared by multiple recipients at the discretion of the Foundation.

Quality nominations are essential to the evaluation process for this award. Packages should be accurate, current, and complete throughout the five year period of consideration. The nomination portal is open each year from mid-April- October 1 for edits, changes or additions by nominators.

Online information sessions are available May-September for those interested in the award and nomination.  Please register for a session here or connect with Sarah Devonshire.