Soapbox Science Quebec City

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Soapbox Science is an event designed to create scientific awareness while promoting women scientists and their science.

On June 3rd, 2023 from 1pm to 4pm at the Parc du Musée in Quebec City, come listen to 12 extraordinary women scientists who will present their work and be on hand to answer your scientific curiosities. For a real scientific immersion, a small outdoor laboratory will be on site to entertain young and old. 


1-2 PM

Pharmacists at the core of psycho-oncology - Aline Hajj

Discover the civil engineers of our brain - Julia Chabbert

What happens when DNA breaks its neck? - Melissa Thomas

Tissue engineering - how to rebuild the human body - Karel Ferland

2-3 PM

Could bacteria eat our plastic? - Sofia Silvestri

A journey to the center of the brain - Ophelie Martinie

Replacing animal testing with tissue engineering - Andrea Tremblay

Inflammation and cancer - Typhaine Gris

3-4 PM

Transcranial magnetic stimulation for the prevention of mental disorders - Ruxandra Ungureanu

How could a laser measure very low gas concentrations? - Khaoula Fdil

Reign of hormones: the game of life...and diseases - Laetitia Coudert

Blood cancer: What if we had a treatment made for you? - Nayeli Esparza


Parc du Musée, 255 Grande Allée O, Quebec City