Jaideep Bains

Director, Krembil Research Institute Senior Scientist, Krembil Brain Institute
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Dr. Jaideep Bains is an internationally recognized expert in brain research. For the past two decades, he has led a successful research team at the University of Calgary, making many important discoveries that have provided insights into how the brain adapts to stress. 

These studies have shed light on links between neurotransmission, synaptic plasticity and brain network states, with important behavioural and physiological responses in different models of stress. 

More recently, Dr. Bains has pioneered approaches that use advanced technology platforms to measure changes in brain circuits in response to stress. His team developed a novel system for behavioral assessment and combined this with optogenetic and circuit mapping, to link activity in the brain’s stress command neurons to the transmission of stress/fear from one individual to another. He has also been active in the potential for clinical application of this research through commercialization efforts. 

In his role as Director of the Krembil Research Institute, Dr. Bains works closely with the research and clinical leaders of the Krembil Brain Institute, the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute, and the Schroeder Arthritis Institute, to continue to drive research excellence and impact with a goal of achieving global recognition for the Institute and its team members.