Award-winning research straight from the source - 2023 Gairdner Science Week Laureate Lectures

Organic chemistry

The highly anticipated annual Laureate Lectures took place on October 26 as part of Gairdner Science Week. The MaRS Discovery District Auditorium was filled as the seven 2023 Canada Gairdner Award laureates and two Early Career Investigator (ECI) Award recipients took to the stage to present their research.

The 2023 laureates took to the stage delivering presentations on their award-winning research. We learned about quorum sensing from Drs. Bonnie Bassler, Michael Silverman and Peter Greenberg, whose pioneering work in the field of bacteria communication has yielded novel avenues for therapeutics against infectious diseases. How can AI accelerate scientific discovery? We now know thanks to presentations from Drs. Demis Hassabis and John Jumper.  Dr. José Belizán, explored how calcium prevents hypertension during pregnancy. Canada Gairdner Momentum Award winners Dr. Gelareh Zadeh discussed the integration of molecular information to advance patient care in real time and Dr. Christopher Mushquash detailed his community-led Indigenous mental health and addiction research.

Watch the full recording below.