Gairdner Global Perspectives Panel on The Future of mRNA Therapeutics


Event Recap: Gairdner Global Perspectives Panel: The Future of mRNA therapeutics

The second Gairdner Global Perspectives Panel of 2024 is now available to watch! The session, held on June 4th, 2024, featured a distinguished lineup of panelists, including Yizhou Dong, Christian J. Kastrup, and Sarah Hedtrich.

Moderated by Gairdner Early Career Investigators, this session provides a platform for presenting cutting-edge research in mRNA therapeutics. Participants gained a deeper understanding of how these leading researchers harness mRNA to treat various diseases and the challenges they face in clinical implementation. Topics covered include: Lipid nanoparticles enabled mRNA therapeutics, Replacing and enhancing blood proteins using mRNA lipid nanoparticles, and How to efficiently deliver gene therapies across restrictive epithelial barriers. 

Join us to explore the future of mRNA therapeutics and its transformative potential in medicine in this recorded panel event and the engaging Q&A discussion! 

Watch the Recorded Session Here!