Gairdner Science Week 2024
Brain molecular concept

October 23:International Symposium

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The Gairdner International Symposium is an annual Gairdner Science Week event, dedicated to recognizing and rewarding excellence in biomedical research worldwide. The symposium brings together leading scientists and researchers from various fields to present their groundbreaking work and share insights on the latest advancements in biomedical science. It serves as a platform for fostering collaboration, inspiring innovation, and promoting excellence in research. 

The symposium typically features keynote lectures, panel discussions, poster sessions, and networking opportunities, providing a forum for scientific exchange and discussion among researchers, students, and professionals in the field.

More details on the 2024 Gairdner Science Week International Symposium will be shared after the 2024 Canada Gairdner Awards announcement on April 11th, so stay tuned!

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